R&D Tax Services

Our role is to:

Prepare and lodge your completed AusIndustry SmartForm:

  • Understand your R&D, and to advise you on the identification and allocation of your R&D;
  • Support and advise you in ensuring that your R&D is structured to create maximum value for your firm;
  • Provide guidance on record-keeping of evidence of your eligible R&D activity;
  • Assist you with preparing a full description of your R&D in a form that AusIndustry should recognise and understand;
  • Ascertain and/or advise on the calculation of eligible R&D expenditures, as they relate to both “core” and “supporting” R&D activities.

Prepare the ATO Tax Schedule for you:

  • Prepare the ATO form, and supply the completed form to you (and if requested, your tax adviser).

Represent your company in your dealings with AusIndustry and the ATO in relation to your R&D claim.

  • Acting on a success-fee basis at benchmark low costs for the industry, our specialist staff work directly with our clients to generate solid results.

AccessRnD works with you on a fee-for-success basis, with benchmark low costs for the industry. Combined with our extensive R&D Tax incentive experience and broad technical experience, our service offers you the best possible value for money as you maximise the benefits available to you under the R&D Tax Incentive programme.

Our Warranty Access RnD stands behind its work. Our standard fee includes our services in the event of a future audit of an R&D Tax Incentive claim prepared by us. It is noted that AusIndustry has stated its intention to conduct both random and targeted audits for a percentage of the R&D Tax Incentive claims each year.