IP NOVA – helping you assess your R&D novelty

Having that light bulb moment is a great feeling, isn’t it? You think you have finally found a novel, interesting way to solve a particular problem. But how do you know that someone else hasn’t had this same idea before? More importantly, if you are planning to take advantage of the Government’s R&D tax incentive scheme, demonstrating the idea, service or product’s novelty on a worldwide basis is a critical eligibility criteria.

Patent searches – R&D

Here’s where as part of good R&D planning, patent searches become really important. IP Australia’s newly released IP Nova tool is a great, visual way to explore registered patents, trademarks and plant breeder rights.

The IP Nova search engine makes it easy to search by keyword and visually display the various links between resulting matching entities. In this way, other patents or trademarks associated with the keyword (but perhaps addressing a different aspect of it) can be explored in greater detail. When trying to demonstrate that your R&D is unique and thus eligible for R&D tax initiative, this will no doubt come in handy.

A ticket to deeper exploration and growth

Other advantages to the information IP Nova provides include statistics – such as application of patents or trademarks for something to do with the keyword by industry or a timeline of such applications. Being aware of such information can help entities planning their own R&D about the level of interest in their field and the number of ‘competitors’, as such. On the flip side, you could perhaps find collaborators to work with.

Potential infringement alerts and establishing protection strategies

Alternatively, if you have already developed your novel idea and have a patent granted for it, you might be in need of IP protection strategies. In particular, if you are applying for the Federal Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) programme, there could be expenses with regard to securing and applying for IP protection programmes. While trademark and patent attorneys have their own systems setup to monitor and brief you about any possible infringements, the IP NOVA tool provides yet another avenue through which they can provide their services to you.

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