EMDG Services

Our role is to:

  • Understand your company’s export-oriented activities;
  • Support and advise you in ensuring that your export market development arrangements are structured to create maximum value for your firm;
  • Provide guidance on record-keeping of evidence of your eligible export-oriented activity;
  • Work with you to identify the records that you need to supply for Austrade;
  • Prepare and submit your EMDG application on your behalf;
  • Process and disburse your EMDG refund to you;
  • Represent your company to Austrade in the mandatory audit of your EMDG claim.

Note that our EMDG services are provided via the registered entity Rod Campbell & Associates Pty Ltd.

We work with you on a fee-for-success basis, with the most competitive rates in the industry. Combined with our extensive EMDG experience, our service offers you the best possible value for money as you maximise the benefits available to you under the Austrade programme.