EMDG Claims

Companies can claim up to a maximum of $305,000 of eligible export-development expense (for a total maximum rebate of $150,000), with maximum sub-totals in nine categories:

  • Overseas representatives: reasonable costs that you pay to have an overseas representative act on your behalf on a long-term basis to market/promote your products or services, up to a maximum of $200,000;
  • Marketing consultants: the cost of engaging an arms-length consultant to undertake export market research or marketing activities up to a maximum of $50,000;
  • International travel for marketing purposes: the cost of travel during the marketing visit eg airfares, taxi fares, departure taxes, etc, at a fixed rate of $300 per day per person;
  • Communications: the costs of communications to promote your product eg fax, emails, phone, typically calculated at a 3% addition to your grant;
  • Free Samples: the cost of providing free samples of the product you are promoting for export;
  • Trade Fairs & Seminars: the cost of participating in an international trade fair, seminar, instore promotion, international forum, private exhibition, or similar activity;
  • Advertising: external costs of promotional material, such as brochures, videos, DVDs, advertising and website development;  Overseas Buyers: the cost of bringing potential buyers who are non-residents to Australia for an approved export promotion purpose, up to a maximum of $7,500 per buyer per visit and $45,000 total; and/or
  • Intellectual Property: payments made to third parties, e.g. patent and trademark attorneys, for the grant, registration or extension of the period of registration of intellectual property for countries other than Australia or New Zealand, and the cost of insurance premiums for protection against possible infringement, in countries outside Australia.