EMDG Audits

Unlike the R&D Tax Incentive, every EMDG claim is audited up-front by Austrade. Associated with this, there is a strong focus on up-front preparation and provision of evidence as part of the EMDG claim.

The following text is taken directly from the Austrade web site:

“To be able to claim EMDG for any of the above activities:

  • you must have spent the funds to seek out, create demand for or develop an export market for your product
  • you must be the intended principal in export transactions (exemptions apply for manufacturers, Approved Trading House or Approved Body applicants, events promoters, suppliers to inbound tour operators or in situations where a company closely related to the applicant owns the product intended for export)
  • the expense must have been paid by you during the financial year (ie, it must be taken up as an expense in your books of account, not just in consolidated accounts or in the accounts of a related entity)
  • the item paid for must have been provided to you
  • you must have evidence of the expense and of what it was incurred for (ie, invoices, bank statements etc)
  • if you are claiming expenses under the overseas representatives or marketing consultants categories, you must have documentary evidence that shows the role and function of the representative or consultant
  • if you are claiming expenses under the marketing visits category you must have trip reports, boarding passes, diary notes and/or other evidence which substantiate the details of the trip”

We work with you to identify and prepare the evidence file.