Access RnD is a boutique, independent specialist tax consultancy on the R&D Tax Incentive program as well as Export Market Development Grant (EMDG), and other Federal Government funding programmes, including the AusIndustry Commercialisation Australia grants programme.

Our independent status is important. As we do not provide general tax or accounting consultancy services, we are not subject to conflicts of interest. Instead, we work with you and your existing tax agent in a collaborative, mutually beneficial fashion.

Rod Campbell – Principal
Rod Campbell has worked with the R&D Tax programmes since they were first introduced in 1986. He has over 30 years of specialist consulting experience in these areas including the role of policy adviser on the EMDG scheme and assisted in the drafting of Export Market Development Grant legislation. He is the current Chairman of the Export Consultants Group and on the Board of the Export Council of Australia.
Rod knows the rules ‘chapter and verse’, and has the skills and long experience to lead our industry.

Dave Sammut – Associate
BSc (Hons, Ind. Chem), MBT, MRACI

Dave Sammut has degrees in both science and business, and has worked for 20 years in active R&D, R&D corporate management and commercialisation, and in professional communications to government and investor audiences. Dave specialises in facilitating the effective communications between different technical and non technical disciplines, with a track record in creating value through innovation.

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